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In ClassChat, anyone is welcome to communicate with anyone in their school. Ask homework questions, find tutoring, or make new friends!


The recent COVID-19 pandemic forced schools worldwide to shut down and convert to online remote learning. However, this has caused some problems for students in:

  • Asking classmates questions about a homework/project/test
  • Finding tutoring support
  • Making new friends

This is even tougher for transfer students, since they likely do not have a friend in their new school and are rarely invited to any group chats as well. (In fact, two of our team members transferred schools in August.)

It's not just during the COVID-19 pandemic; the lack of communication between classmates has been a chronic issue. We are proud to present ClassChat as an effective solution to alleviate the problem!

What it does

ClassChat is an open-invitation chat service that allows anyone to join any group chat within their school.

The application is very simple and seamless. Students are able to create group chat depending on their school, interests, or class/teacher. Then, any student can access any group chat within their school. They can seamlessly communicate with their classmates during the COVID-19 pandemic in a remote learning environment.

ClassChat will be an effective method after the pandemic as well. It allows for easy access to support for anyone in the school. It will bridge the gap between students, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where students do not have a lot of chances to meet new friends in their school.

Technological Specifications

  • We used JSP(HTML), CSS, and JavaScript for our frontend.
  • We used Servlet and Websocket for the backend, and MySQL for the database.
  • Our project also features advanced security with session verification, token verification, anti-cross-chat attack system, firewall, and password encryption.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was our first time collaborating remotely, we had some challenges with using Github to keep our versions up to date. We often had conflicting files and had trouble fixing these issues. However, since we have already gone through this, we are confident that we will have less of this issue on our next hackathons!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hackathon for all three of us! We are very proud of the fact that we have completed our hackathon and created a fine project in such a short amount of time.

What we learned

By collaborating with teammates with different knowledge bases, we were able to learn various new things that we didn't know before. We learned how to use WebSocket and other various libraries/APIs to come up with this wonderful program. We were also able to learn how to effectively manage our collaborative project going.

What's next for ClassChat

We did not have enough time to implement all the features we wanted, unfortunately. Some features that were planned but not implemented due to time constraints are:

  • Alternative UI design for mobile devices
  • Push/email notifications
  • Additional chat group configurations for group host
  • A "Help" document and customer support platform

Intellectual Property Notices

The mountain background comes from by Caveman. We used Nunito Sans, Questrial fonts for our project, and GmarketSans for the logo. The icons come from Iconmonstr.


We cannot guarantee completely perfect security on our servers. Do not use the same password as your other accounts. We recommend that you do not use a real name as well. We are not responsible for any damages as a result of a data breach, hacks, or any other breach in server security. We also cannot guarantee that we will be frequently monitoring our servers. There may be inappropriate or explicit content in the chat. If you are concerned, do not use our application. However, this does not mean that you are free to do anything inappropriate. We will permanently ban your account if we detect that you are doing anything inappropriate.

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