Due to COVID-19, school is forced to be virtual. Under these circumstances, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of the multiple online tools required to attend daily classes. It can also be hard to maintain all of the assignments that just seem to pile up from day to day.

What it does

Classcape will provide you with an easy way to video conference with your teachers and peers as well as keep track of all your future assignments. It is like a portal. You can add assignments to your to-do list, and get notified when they’re almost due. It also has a video conferencing feature built in so you can go to class without leaving the app.

How we built it

The account and assignment part of the app uses a Firebase database. Through this database the site is able to access the users’ information individually as well as store the different rooms and assignments for each student. The site was also made through HTML, CSS, and javascript.


One challenge that we encountered was creating the live video conference, where we had to make sure that people could access the same class without having to be on the same IP address. Another challenge that we encountered was making the site automatically input the id for the class when you click the link from the chat page.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

The team is extremely proud of how we got the video chat to work. It was no easy task to code it all in 48 hours, but when it was complete, we were all extremely proud of our accomplishment.

What We Learned

One thing that we’ve learned during this hackathon is how to create a link that allows for information to be passed through from site to site.

What’s next for clasScape

We want to improve the UI and add a few more features: A way for teachers to push out an assignment to everyone in their class.

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