Make a class manager that could visualize the schedule and calculate the GPA of the semester.

What it does

Stores the each class data and display on the list, and provide GPA calculation function seaperately from that list

How I built it

I used arrayList of new class objects to store the data for the classes, and figure out the position from the list the manage and display the data.

Challenges I ran into

Sharing the data with the team, every time I share the data with my friend it crashes with strange error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did finish 60 percent of the application. completed whole function for class manage page and helped Junseok Oh to finish his GPA calculation page.

What I learned

It is hard to work with teams who does not have any knowledge about the working language.

What's next for Class_manager

Schedule function will be completed and classes will be shown in the order of time in that section.

Built With

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