As students, we know how hard it is to miss a day of class. Whether it's because of an illness, holiday, or emergency. Additionally, it's hard going into a class without knowing anyone. We thought of ClassShare as a solution to these problems.

What it does

ClassShare is a website that enables students to share notes, videos and audios with classmates. The website is designed to be user friendly and run by the students, not the teachers. What makes this website unique? What makes it different than Accomplysh, Evernote or Simplenote? Those applications mainly focus on note sharing and have to be downloaded onto a computer or personal device for optimal use. This can cause problems when working on a device that is not personal. With ClassShare your ‘class’ is accessible from any device connected to the internet. ClassShare also saves space on devices because it does not have to be downloaded. Another feature that makes ClassShare unique is its ‘request’ feature. Users can post a request for specific notes or videos and the request is automatically placed on the pages of other classmates in that class.. Students are ranked according to how active they are on the site. There are badges for different accomplishments, and the more the students do, the more points they get. The more points they get, the higher their level. This adds incentive for students to help their fellow classmates and add to the site. This plays a key role in the uniqueness of ClassShare. The point system encourages students to participate in note share. Each student has a profile which can be viewed by everyone in their class. The profile includes their point level, what classes they are in, and classes they have previously taken. Another unique feature of ClassShare is its calendar. Users can post tests, or important deadlines on the calendar as well as absentee notices. Students can see all the requests and uploads from that day. All the uploads are categorized according to the day the notes were taken or the day the lecture was given, which makes it easier for users to find what they are missing There is also a forum for every class. On every forum, you can chat with people in your class (to ask questions or “chat”). Types of questions can include what the professor said in that day’s lecture, advice on how to study for the class, etc. These properties of ClassShare will allow students to go into school knowing a little about other students and the classes they are taking. No other note sharing websites have these functions.

How we built it

ClassShare was built with one page (as opposed to multiple) to add to its simplicity and user friendliness. It was built using the languages HTML, CSS, Ruby, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Our team is made of beginners and one non-coder, which limitted our abilities, but we managed to make it work. Also, we ran into a challenge of translating Ruby into HTML.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We learned how to translate languages, interfaces with classroom needs, build a website, and the complexity behind building a website.

What's next for ClassShare

If there was more time ClassShare would have a live streaming option for each class. A student would hook up their phone video and stream it onto the website for any classmates not in lecture that day. This is better than facetiming into class, because any student can watch/stream the video and there’s no hassle of calling in. We would also add an element of reliability to the site. Students will approach users with higher levels, users that they know have a tendency to respond to requests.

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