IRCO offers hundreds of different programs to thousands of immigrants and refugees throughout the northwest Oregon and southwest Washington region. With such a wide variety of programming, keeping track of upcoming events can be a challenge for participants.

What it does

Starting with the SUN school program, we created a text notification app where families can sign up to receive reminders about upcoming after-school classes. With a very simple UI, users are able to easily add their phone number, select their school, and opt in to reminders about their chosen programs. Using the To Google Translate Firefox extension, users can translate messages into their language of choice. This app could potentially be expanded to deliver reminders to participants in the various other IRCO programs.


This app would allow parents of children participating in SUN classes to sign up and receive text notifications reminding them of their children's schedule, as well as adults in the adult classes. The text message format is accessible to anyone with any kind of mobile phone, allowing those without smartphones to participate as well.

For the purposes of security and privacy, the app does not collect user information such as name or location, just phone number.


  • Mary Anne Thygesen - Team Leader
  • Sarah Steinberg - Front-end/Form functionality
  • Claire Flanagan - Front-end/Design
  • Ben Kiggen - Front-end/Design
  • Adrianna Chen - Front-end/React
  • Anna Spysz - Back-end

How we built it

Team work and Javascript :) React on the frontend, NodeJS on the backend using AWS CloudFormation.

Challenges I ran into

Running out of time to fully complete the backend functionality.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The MVP is functional and we can expand it to be more useful for IRCO.

What I learned

Collaboration in a time crunch. AWS SNS topics.

What's next for Class Notifier

Complete the backend functionality, integrate with the database and subscribe users to regular text messages.

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