Life during the pandemic is messy.

We wanted to be able to have one site where people can access all their key event / class information. As college students ourselves, we thought it'd be nice to have one website to store all the zoom links, office hours times and locations, and other event details.

What it does

Our project is a website where users can add, edit, and delete class / event information so that people can store and access it all in one place.

For instance, students can add "CLASS TIME", "OFFICE HOURS", "TA HOURS" as event information, then put all the relevant details for each: time, location, people (professors emails, names, TA names), info and notes (get help on quiz, upcoming exam, etc).

How we built it

Utilized react, express, node, mongoDB

Challenges we ran into

Creating multiple pages for more event options.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using mongoDB for first time! Also one of our first hackathons ever!

What we learned

Full-stack development!

What's next for Class Event Organizer

Multiple pages for more events. For now, we have one main page for one class event available to use, store, and edit info!

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