It is scientifically proven that handwriting stuff and drawing increases memorization rate by 30% (can vary depending on person). This is why it is recommended to take handwriting notes during classes (even though slides are available) or write words in foreign language we want to learn. We want to use this fact to create more effective education tools.

To accomplish this goal we apply various technologies. This app would not be possible with some great APIs including:

WILL SDK - to enable drawing in pen-enabled smartphones (students recording their solutions and teachers creating assignments from Wacom tablets).

MyScript - to enable handwriting recognition (user can write down answer to the question as if we would on piece of paper, app recognizes writing and checks if the answers is correct).

Whispir - to provide multi-channel communication and notification systems ( for instance students can be notified if their assignment was graded, parents get informed if their child is underperforming, teachers receive reminders etc.).

As you may see in the video with our app it's possible for teacher to create assignments (example: teachers draws a math task, asking students to calculate area of the triangle) and students may respond solutions from their smartphones, drawing the solution (and adding voice comments). Teacher can review all drawing videos and see process of reaching to the solution. That is particularly useful for distant learning.

Handwriting recognition adds another value. Typically online assessment apps work as selection quiz when you need to tap on the correct answer. Typing in the answer on the small phone keyboard is very inconvenient for the user, it is damaging app user experience. That's why apps do not ask their users for this. But it's very limiting.

For instance when we are writing new language, writing the correct word on you own is totally different from selecting it from the list. The former increases your learning effectiveness to much higher extent. But in such cases it's convenient to write the answer in smartphone app using pen (or fingers).

In our app we attached quiz example when user is supposed to write characters in Russian language. This type of exercises would not be possible with just standard phone keyboard. In general usage of smartphone apps in education is continuously increasing. They are applied more often in the classrooms and for distant learning. That is why we think it is very important to make them useful, effective and fun tools.

About this app

Clas++ is online assessment tool. Teachers can use that to create new quizzes and assignments. Students can use it to run assessments created by teacher (but submitting drawing video answers are possible only through smartphone app). From within the web panel it's also possible to use Wacom tablets to create drawing assignments provided that you have drivers installed and use compatible internet browser (our tablet turned out to be working properly only with Firefox browser).

Class++ web panel is integrated with accompanying smartphone app for running connected quizzes.

Mobile can be used in:

  • Single practice mode: Various types of multimedia questions, additional background information and free text handwriting answers.
  • Multiplayer mode: Friendly battle between 2 students trying to select or write the correct answer as quickly as possible. In this mode 2 devices are synchronized and user need to answer quicker.
  • Classroom mode: Teacher starting quiz for students and seeing results being updated in real-time. In this mode a lot of students can participate at the same time, so students devices are not synchronized in a sense they can independently move on and answer different questions).

Cool feature - sound questions

Questions can have text, pictures but also sounds attach to it. That unlocks a lot of possibilities. For instance word in foreign language is being played and you need to write it down, melody is played and you need to draw the notes - that is all very simple with our engine!

How to use the app

Please see testing instructions to see details about how you can test various functionalities and see various functionalities. Generally for the teacher it is possible to create new quizzes and assignments from the web app (there are assignment when student is expected to deliver writing or record a drawing of him solving some problem). Teacher can also initiate classroom quiz from within the web app. It can be started with code (students who wish to participate need to enter room number) or selected registered students can be invited. Teacher may also initiate new quiz (with dedicated room code) from within the smartphone app. Smartphone app is loaded with example quiz content (related with geography, various content can be loaded to the app and custom questions can be created from within the panel).

There are several modes.

  1. Basic single practice mode That is very straightforward to use. Just use the single mode from the menu, choose quiz category and quiz you want to play.We feature various types of picture questions and additional explanations are served to increase student understanding. If we do well we may earn badges.

  2. Multiplayer mode In this mode one player needs to create the game. He is telling his name and chooses quiz he wants to play. New game is assigned a room number. Second player can join by putting in this number. If he does they both start to play the quiz selected by the first user who created the game. Users need not only answer correctly but also be faster to score more points! Please note that both devices need to have stable internet connection in order to have a smooth real-time battle.

  3. Classroom mode In the classroom mode teacher can start the assessment by telling how many students he wants to join. Then he's selecting quiz we want students to run. Quiz is not going to start until declared number of students join.


App features over 1,000 different quiz questions at the moment ! With some we server additional background information (visible in single practice mode).

Custom quizzes and web panel

Example login data have been delivered in testing instructions file. Please let us know if you wish to have more example users to be created. Please let us know if you want to test that and we will give you login credentials.

Other app features

In general this is big project that we have been developing in a team over the last couple of months. Not all features are presented on the video. It also uses some other SDK to support things like

  • in-app payments for paid quizzes (for this app version all quizzes have been unlocked)
  • map game (user can pick countries on the map which is very convenient if you use pen) Will SDK drawing related functionalities are the latest additions.

Apps has not been published on any open app store yet but we believe that at the current stage is well tested and is market-ready. App can also run on Android tablet devices but UI was not fully adjusted for big tablet screens . For the best user experience with pen-writing questions we recommend to use Android smartphone device with inbuilt pen (like Samsung Note).

Final note

Goal of the app is not only to provide pure amusement but also to learn users new things. In the end we think that fun is the best teacher and friends competition is the best motivation !

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Let's make learning more effective and engaging !

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