What do we do ?

Class++ is enabling school staff, students and their parents to communicate and collaborate with one another. In the first place we deliver complete online real-time assessment and grading solution for teachers. Secondly educators can user Class++ to better manage students assignments, monitor their progress along with parents and adjust learning style for better outcomes.

Whispir API and communication

We integrated Whispir API to automatically trigger email and text messages based on selected system events. For instance:

  • teachers and students can get important announcements from school administrators. SMS can be used for critical notifications which is particularly useful for distant learning.
  • students are getting reminders about their assisgnments
  • teacher get reminders about essays he is supposed to comment/grade
  • students are notified when teacher evaluates their writings
  • parents may be informed when their child is underperforming / missing exams etc.

Why we decided to use Whispir API ? We have seen a lot of great use cases of Whispir communication engine being across many industries. We believe that education is also the domain that needs reliable tools that will enable communication between educators, school administration, students and parents.

This app would not be possible with some other great APIs for drawing or handwritting recognition.


We want to bring some fun to education. With Class++ students may learn new things while having fun with classmates playing race game !

What we want to accomplish

Teaching contributes to the future of our society more than any other single profession. We want to support educators and let parents to collaborate together and improve educational outcomes. Our goals:

  • boost student learning
  • improve educational outcomes
  • improve communication between students, teachers and school administrators
  • improve communication between parents and teachers

We want students to be engaged on every device and browser. Class++ is being prepared to work both on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. It's very useful tool to be used in the classrooms or for distant learning.

Final remarks and development plans

Please note that currently Class++ is in the beta mode. It is continuously expanded and modified. At the moment we're in the process of bug fixing and adjust software for mobile and tablet screens. We are also working on a lot of smarts tools to better visualize students understanding. We are planning to work on the standard quiz content to make it ready-to-use K12-compatible solution for schools. Class++ beta is currently available at, we are in process of migrating the solution to the final domain.

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