When I was a student I became a class representative, I was always asked to take attendance every day we go to class, and a book was given to me to help me take the attendance. Whiles I was in school I realize that lecturers also record classwork, quiz, assignment, and exams on a sheet of paper which sometimes gets missing, so when I graduated I decided to solve the problem by developing a web application that can be used to resolve what I saw and experienced when I was in school.

What it does

  1. Taking Attendance
  2. Recording classwork, quiz, assignment, Mid-semester exams, and End of semester exams
  3. Automatic promotion of students to next class
  4. Grading System
  5. Class Attendance report
  6. Sending students exam result through email
  7. Sending assignments to students through email
  8. Class assessment report
  9. User permissions. others. ## How we built it This project was built using i. Bootstrap ii. Css iii. JQuery iv. Php v. Json vi. Ajax vii. MySQli ## Challenges we ran into i. The laptop does breakdown at a point that consumes much of my time for development ii. Financial challenge to buy internet buddle and hosting space. even though as a developer I do face problems with my codes, but that has always been the greatest platform to learn. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of The project was tested by class representatives in my formal school, they were very happy I was able to come out with this software to solve their problem, I give them access to a local connection to use the software, I am proud I have been able to partly solve problems of class representatives and lecturers ## What we learned Developing this software I have learned a lot during the development process, I faced challenges and solved them. ## What's next for Class Attendance and Exam Record System I will want to improve upon it after the hackathon, a lot of features I will add to make it easier for users.
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