We wanted to have something school apps don't have; collaboration. We took our inspiration from Habitica and created a concept of teams, each with their own health, competing for the last one standing through a series of quizzes. This would help improve the environment and add the fun back into school.

What it does

This web app helps students collaborate better together in small teams selected by their teacher. Each unit is a new round, with many battles in their way. Each team has a unique experience, the correct answer keeps you safe, wrong answers lower your health. This was stored inside a database using SQLAlchemy and Flask. Users have different roles, giving different pages for teachers, students, and admins.

How we built it

We used Heroku to host a web server that uses Flask as a backend. We collaborated on this project using git and GitHub. The backend was built using SQLAlchemy and Python Flask while the front end was built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first type using git for all team members, so learning it in such a short time was a significant hurdle we faced. In addition, we spent a considerable chunk of our time this weekend setting up the web server on Heroku. Once again, none of us had much experience with Heroku (or web servers in general) so that was a learning experience for all of us.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are quite proud that we were able to set a database running with SQLalchemy. Despite the confusing code, we were able to understand the content to an extent where we were able to successfully implement a working database. This, we think is our proudest achievement. Some of us have minimal experience with web design, and given this short time frame, we were able to learn together the necessary requirements and basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a well-formatted, decent looking web application.

What we learned

Similarly to above, we learned how to code with SQLalchemy and Python Flask. In addition, some of us who knew close to nothing about web design in the past were able to learn basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript quite easily. In such a short time, stress can easily hinder our progress. I think the important things we learned are how to work efficiently under stress and divide time accordingly.

What's next for Clashroom

In the future, we can see Clashroom have a working chat, better graphics, a way for students to "buy" stuff from a store, and many other features that make this app a lot more interactive.

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