We were inspired to develop this app out of our personal interests in competitive gaming. Unfortunately with the gaming industry currently, if you do not have a pre-developed team amongst friends, you get queued into a search queue and placed with people who are not the best of players. That yearning to be on a team of players that actually know how to play competitively is what inspired us to create.......ClashMatch!

What it does

ClashMatch allows you to have a searching experience using a simple 'yes' or 'no' matching strategy when you are browsing through players and seeing what their skills are.

Our app connects to one of the largest free-to-play multiplayer game's API show you what the people's stats are when you're looking them up. This allows you to get a better experience with sorting through people you think wouldn't be a good fit for you based off of their game statistics.

How we built it

We used a simple full stack architecture using html, css, php and MySql for our project. Each one of our team members focused on 1 of 4 things: functionality development, front-end development, database design and architecture, and graphic design and implementation.

Challenges we ran into

Some major challenges we ran into consisted of things such as API requests not working the way we wanted them to, or having Origin-Access restrictions to not be able to pull data from API's such as Steam, the worlds largest PC gaming marketplace.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to understand RiotGame's API and create an app that gets you to a final result of seeing and sorting through people with live data from their actual gaming accounts.

What we learned

Trying to not sleep at a hackathon hits you hard at the very end.

What's next for ClashMatch

We want to fully develop this app as we think many people could find it useful to establish their competitive gaming adventures and promotions through the ranks.

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