I'm a big fan of Clash Royale, been playing it for 2 years. I even streamed it on Twitch. During that time, I found that many viewers want to request decks for me to play live on stream.

What it does

Viewers: instead of having to type name each card (8 total) in chat, viewers can just use the extension to pick 8 cards using their real image. It is much faster and easier interaction with the stream. Streamers: no longer need to scroll through chats to find deck requests. Easy managed interface for all deck requests in Live Dashboard. Allow viewers to request deck for free or using bits. Limit requests to followers, subs, or all. Support custom languages

How I built it

Support panel, video overlay with bits using jquery, aws as EBS, javascript

Challenges I ran into

Learned how to use Twitch APIs

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created an extension to help the game that I love. It is a way to give back to the community

What I learned

Created an EBS using AWS API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB

What's next for Clash Royale Deck Request

Adding support to customize all colors for the interfaces. Working closely with streamers to add more exciting features

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