DAO in Clarity

Moloch DAO

A conversion of Moloch DAO 2.1 in Solidity into Clarity

Moloch DAO is a grant-making internet community contract that can hold multiple tokens, make investments, give grants, trade tokens. Members of the dao can vote for proposal. A proposal passes with a simple majority. However, members who did not vote yes can quit the community and take their fair shares. This incentivises proposals that all member can live with. The more members ragequit with their fair share the more the shares of the remaining members is diluted.

It has a small set of features to make it understandable and less error prone. It has been described in various places and forms:

The Solidity version has been deployed to the Ethereum chain and xDai chain and is accessible via https://daohaus.club

Please read the up-to-date documentation for the Clarity implementation at https://github.com/friedger/clarity-dao

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