To learn more about web development and working with data from MySQL databases and pulling said data onto a webpage.

What it does

It doesn't do much, but that doesn't matter to me (I'm just glad I learned a lot). In its current state, it shows a few criminal statistics, such as the Top 10 Crimes, the Top 10 Victims, the Top 10 Criminals, and all crime in the dataset by date.

How I built it

I used Sinatra with bootstrap to quickly get a website up, imported the .CSV files into MySQL with a LOAD DATA INFILE function, and used Highcharts to present specific data with SQL queries stored in Views.

Challenges I ran into

I knew nothing about making a website, or Javascript. I only knew Microsoft T-SQL, and I ended up using MySQL for this project. So, I started this project knowing very little, and nothing about the dataset they gave me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In a period of 36 hours, I've managed to build a website (albeit very sparse and blank), learn a decent amount of Javascript required to make the Highcharts work, and learned how to create tables and views in MySQL.

What I learned

Above. I knew nothing about web design/creation or database management, and have learned some of each.

What's next for Clarity Criminal Activity and Intel

I might look into criminal activity prediction, and try to match up my algorithm to the data provided by Clarity here at the end. I'll also look into creating a more robust website that can enable users to determine even more info regarding criminal activity.

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