We were inspired to create this application by wanting to help anyone who might be suffering from issues due to mental health complications. In day to day life, it can be difficult to find a space where you can vent and say whatever is on your mind, without a filter and receive feedback on your thoughts. Our application aims to provide users with an outlet to get out any of their pent up anxiety, sadness, frustration, or other various mental states. Furthermore, we wanted to spread awareness of a couple of common mental health disorders that we had researched.

While building this application our team learned to use Material UI (a CSS Framework) as an npm package in React applications, deploying on Heroku under a reserved domain, and how to use speech recognition via the web speech API.

We built this application using the technologies displayed on the "It's built with" field. We used the MVC model to structure our files. Built the client side with using React. And built with joy and entertainment since this was all our first Hackathon.

The challenging part of this application was after learning how to record audio input from the user using the web speech API. The challenge was that foul language was automatically censored when the audio input was converted into readable text. And due to the fact that many of these profanity words were censored, we had difficulties in accurately keeping track of all the keywords the user has spoken. These keywords are used to determine the mood of the web-page and displayed to the user to predict their current mental state.

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