At the start of the pandemic, sheltering within homes and limiting access to the outside world, our team noticed something amazing despite everyone's personal hardships. Carbon emissions and air pollution were at all time lows resulting in a greener and more sustainably responsible world; without actually realizing it. As great as it currently is we know that come end of lock down, the world will slowly integrate back into society and with that the levels of carbon emissions and pollution. At Clarity we wanted to future proof every citizens ability to play a part in contributing to a greener earth, completely hands free.

What it does

Clarity is an online set and forget platform that helps you offset your carbon emissions based on your spending. It rounds up the nearest dollar of every purchase, and at the end of the month debits your bank account to donate to a tree planting foundation of your choosing. All data is securely kept and we keep no sensitive information.

How We built it

The front end was built using React.JS and Vercel for hosting. The back end was written on Node, hosted on Firebase. We use the Stripe API for debiting a customer, and Plaid for retrieving their transactions live.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating front end React app with our Firebase caused lots of frustration.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We simultaneously created a back end with a front end that worked hand in hand. If we waited longer working on the individual components before coming together, we would have had a hard time aligning our software.

What I learned

We learned not all API's are plug and play. Some require a good understanding of security rules and practices. Plaid, working with sensitive bank data was very particular on how its services were called and handled.

What's next for Clarity

Next for Clarity is to expand the platform to show more insights on the users carbon emission spending and the donations made. We also want to go into production so that we can offer this service to real Eco-conscious consumers.

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