An Inbox For Your Events

Clarity is a mobile app and background service that takes all the work out of managing events you're invited to.

Our background service silently monitors your incoming emails in real time, analyzing them for "date-like strings". Once we have our candidates, they are run through a series of libraries and algorithms, using various heuristics to determine if they refer to an described event. Once we're sure that this email contains an event, we set out to gather as much contextual information about it as we can, by querying external APIs and attached resources. Finally, all this info gets compiled into a nice package and inserted into a Google Calendar of your choice.

Our mobile app redefines how you interact with events. We present a tile-based interface for your upcoming events. You can tap on tiles to get contextual info, and helpful links to tickets, transportation, and more. Using an inspired-by-Tinder swipe, you can quickly remove events that you aren't interested in, and have the changes instantly reflected in your calendar.


Consider the following. You get a invite to an event in your inbox. A company recruiting session, a pickup soccer game, another hackathon. How do you add it to your calendar? For many, the answer is along the lines of “input it into my calendar manually”, with some at the level at “I click a button to put it in my calendar”. Clarity makes that button press go away.

Clarity is all about freeing you from having to think about managing your events ever again. We hook into your inbox and automatically filter, parse, and add events to your calendar, without you having to do a thing. Emails are tagged with a ProjectClarity label for your reference, and combined with your own email filters, this creates a powerful system that extracts only the events you care about. Event you don’t care about slip through? Swipe left to delete. More than that, we add contextual data to your events to make them smart and work for you. See maps with down to the arcsecond latitude and longitude data, with constantly updating travel ETAs and transit prices. Sent an eventbrite link? Get tickets right from our app. Got a meeting across town? We’ll send you a reminder when it’s time to start walking or call an Uber. Lost your phone? Login online and manage your events centrally.

Live free from the tyranny of your inbox. Never worry about missing a meeting again - we automatically set up reminders so you never miss a thing. See things in a clearer light.

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