Clarity is a tool that makes parent and teacher communication easy, regardless of language barriers or technical skills.

Thousands of immigrant children grow up to be the only form of communication between a school and their home. It creates a sense of frustration for the child, and a feeling of helplessness from parents who don't know how to be actively involved in their child's education.

Working closely with teachers, we have created a tool that allows teacher-parent communication (in whatever language) to be simple, quick and easy. We've created a library of pre-translated text and email templates of commonly sent communication in a variety of different languages.

We also offer video conferencing for groups, allowing the teacher, parents and an interpretor to seamlessly communicate, regardless of location.

One thing that sets Clarity apart is that all of our translations are done by a real human. We understand the nuances of language that often gets lost in translation through online translation tools. One of our biggest priorities was to work with teachers and understand what they wanted to communicate, and then make sure there was a perfect, customizable translation on the other end. Our focus is to empower parents with a very clear understanding of their child's progress in the classroom so they can stay actively involved.

Clarity was created by two former immigrant students who have since mastered English, but have not forgotten the frustrations and awkwardness of being the interpreter between home and school. Too many things were lost in translation (sometimes intentionally) and we want to fix that.

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