Have you ever been embarrassed to ask a question in class? Use Clarify, the anonymous interactive presentation app that allows you to ask questions based on certain slides in a presentation.

What it does

Create a presentation or join an existing one, and view live what the presenter is presenting. You are able to send anonymous questions to the professor and they can answer them live.

How We built it

Node.js,, JS, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Atom, Terminal, drinking a lot of water, and trying really hard.

Challenges I ran into

Socket IO was difficult to get a "chatroom" like feature up and running. We will continue to iterate over time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the design and the concept. We think the app looks clean and user-friendly, and the idea is useful and would be easy to set up.

What we learned

We learned the perils of Javascript development; the nightmares of callbacks. We also learned how to break down a large project into tasks and delegate for a large team (We had five people).

What's next for Clarify

We would like to get the presentation UI up and running properly, with time-based messages showing when a user submitted a question according to what was being shown in order to pin a question to a particular concept or slide.


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