The new integration of Clarify/Evernote provides a seamless way to:

• Create business process documentation with step-by-step images

• Store and share that documentation with your teammates using Evernote

• Update images and text WITHOUT having to find the original image files used to create the document.

The Clarify/Evernote integration provides a complete solution for creating and updating image-based process documentation. Clarify streamlines process documentation while Evernote provides a repository for these documents. Revisions simply take a double-click in Evernote to open and edit the document in Clarify.

To create a process document:

  1. Open Clarify and capture a screenshot for each step of the process. Photos or other images may also be used as steps in the document.

  2. Add any desired image annotations or text to describe and enhance each step.

  3. Export the finished document to a designated Notebook in Evernote.

Clarify exports the document to Evernote by:

  1. Creating a new note using the images and text from the Clarify document.

  2. Attaching the source Clarify file to the Evernote note.

This important last step streamlines revisions. When a business process needs to be updated, anyone with access can double-click on the attached file in Evernote. The document will open in Clarify for editing. Once the file is edited and saved, the content and the source file are updated in the Evernote note.

This Clarify/Evernote integration is ideal for individuals and small teams that use Evernote to document workflows and procedures.

The version of Clarify being submitted to DEVCUP runs on OS X 10.5 or higher.

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