Spartahack2016 Clarifind

The Backstory

Clarifind recognizes the sentimental value of physical possessions, from that sweater from Grandma to that watch from Uncle Steve. Three university students decided that they wanted to end the struggle of losing personal belongings to the vast and unforgiving world of neglect and unworthy finders who pose as keepers. Users upload photos of both items they have lost and items that they have found and Clarifind matches their wanted items to items visually similar to those others have found.

The Technology

Clarifind is a user-friendly application that integrates a cohesive combination of many technologies. The web application is hosted on Firebase, which is also responsible for the databases of uploaded images of found items. Each image is processed through Clarifai which uses advanced image recognition to return similar images from the "found" database. Google Maps is harnessed to provide location data for each image, passed as a set of geographical coordinates and converted to a text-based location.

The Platform

Clarifind is found as an Android app. Users may choose to upload or take new photos directly from their Android phones.

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