Tech talks

What it does

Gives you links to top relevant ticket results based on your facebook activity and pictures

How we built it

Used python and facebooks api to gather a users recent pictures and ran those through clarifai to get tags, collected users recent posts and gathered tags from the text. We removed all articles such as "I, the, a, etc" which left us with important tags. From this list we sorted the tags in a dictionary so the most frequent tags appear at the top. Next we took the top 5 tags(plus an offset of 5 because clarify created numerous tags not relevant to ticketmaster) and one by one put the location and a key tag into tiketmasters api to return a listing of tickets in relation to those filters. Next Output those to an html file to be viewed in a browser.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting individual apis learning how to implement the apis Using the apis in a non-standard environment(python + facebook api)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Putting all apis together and actually returning useful results

What we learned

Apis are fun, but very fragile

What's next for ClarifaiTickets

Output to html properly, optimize returned tags, further personalized output, Better interface

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