Wanted to wake up each without having to think too much about what to wear. We also wanted to utilize the unused clothes in our wardrobe to the max.

What it does

You can load your images of piece of clothing and it will automatically sort it categorize and give recommendation to you based on current weather, time, date and style.

How I built it

Our front end was done utilizing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular.js, BootStrap, JQuery. The backend was completed using MongoDB, Express.js and Node.js. In addition, we have used Clarifai API to tag all user uploaded images of clothing.

Challenges I ran into

We had difficulty tying the various requests from the server side and front end side.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have actually managed to make the core product, which is perfectly functional.

What I learned

My team mates and I have learned a lot about integrating between frontend backend

What's next for claridrobe

Fashion algorithms from Various clothing brands, and pop stars. Recommendation system from other users.

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