Installation Art/Steve Reich/Sequencers

What it does

Plays Steve Reich's Clapping Music by triggering 10 motors that "play" the Funkhaus by striking physical objects around the room that the Tech Open Air Music Hackday was hosted in. The layers of the piece are controlled by a Roli Control Block and visualized by the Roli Lightpad Block.

How I built it

Max MSP, Little Foot, Arduino, Electronics.

Challenges I ran into

Not getting the Bluetooth over MIDI to work on the Arduino. Working without arrays and classes when programming a sequencer with Little Foot. Strange bug in the Blocks Dashboard causing the sketch to not initialize, which we reported.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the sequencer to work/Not sleeping much.

What I learned

Little Foot, Some Arduino stuff despite the lack of success, how to work with the Roli Blocks.

What's next for Clapping Music (for Roli Block, 10 motors, & Funkhaus)


Built With

  • arduino
  • max-msp
  • roli-block
  • roli-control-block
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