Consumers love seeing videos on social media and more than 80% of businesses already use videos as a marketing tool. While a few years back marketing videos were created by studios and agencies, today each team can manage their own social media profile. This brings the need to produce high quality content that effectively advertises businesses and individuals. However, as of today there is no software available that supports this process of collaborative video making.

What it does

Clapclap is a Monday App that combines digital content creation with the seamless collaboration features of and letting you easily create powerful videos with a flew clicks.

Clapclap is available as an Item View and provides a clean and intuitive user interface just like We can start to create a new video from scratch or using any of the pre-made templates and Clapclap will guide us to create immersive content.

Adding content to our marketing video is easier than ever! For starter we can select from a large variety of high-quality stock videos and add an overlay of either a solid colour or a gradient to get some warmer vibes. Then, on top of them, we can create customise and animate as many shape elements as we would like to. Finally, with the help of texts and titles, we can add useful information to our video and animate these as well.

Clapclap also makes it super easy to preview our video on all kinds of devices, making sure that it’s going to look perfect for every one of our followers.

In the meanwhile Clapclap automatically saves our design and lets our teammates pick up the work right where we left off. This creates a seamless working experience and invites every team member to take part in the creative process and to inspire each other. Using the well-known features of we are able to give feedback and share ideas under each video.

Future impact

Clapclap is able to support all kinds of businesses in delivering their messages by giving access to high quality video content. It doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge, only a workspace. By augmenting the existing project management features of with content creation, we are able to open up a whole new level for collaboration. We believe that video is the future of marketing and will bring simple video editing to every team around the world.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Clapclap is fully functional (you should try it!) and it was built from the ground up in less than a week! It is 100% native implementation, without third-party softwares or external account logins. As a result Clapclap is working without any external dependencies, making it easy to scale and maintain.

What's next for Clapclap

We currently only support videos up to 10 seconds and full HD format. As our next step we would like to develop Clapclap into a more flexible platform.

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