With the growing popularity of smartphones, it is becoming easier and easier to capture life in a new perspective through high quality photographs. However, it is often challenging for a user to quickly and appropriately adjust their camera to the environment.

In order to simplify and enhance the quality of photos, we created an iOS app, ClapCam, that takes the lighting and temperature of the setting into account when taking the picture. The brightness of the picture is modified when the lighting in the environment changes, while the temperature of the setting varies the tint in the photo. A rotary sensor can also be adjusted to change the flash.

For some, it may be difficult to press the camera button when taking photos. Whether their hands are full or they want to be fully in the picture, the user can't press the button. With ClapCam, their photography capabilities aren't limited. By clapping or make a loud noise, the user can set off a three second timer to take the photo.

With these four variables, the user can strengthen the quality of their photograph without having to personally make any adjustments.

In the future, we would like to further enhance the sound variable by giving it multiple functions based on the number of times the user claps.

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