There are numerous upcoming super talented artists who doesn't have sufficient monetary resources to pursue their dream. We need a platform that connects these super talented individual with the audience they are looking for. It is very easy for an upcoming artist to get lost in millions of profiles in our current social media systems. This idea brings all such upcoming artist in the light they deserve. This idea helps these individuals/groups to get funded by community. This idea is solely based on "Rise up by lifting others!".

What it does

This is a platform which upcoming skilled artists can use to get themselves funded! Artist uploads the posts for the users of the app. Users browse through the app and have ability to clap for the skill of an artist. User also have ability to Chip in some money for the artist (Every drop counts!). Users also have an ability to invest in artist, so that users money can grow when artist achieves fame. Apart from that users can also hire artists (One more way for artist to make money)!

How I built it : with love!

I built it with Angular 7 and firebase along with little help of redux. Future technologies that will be used to implement some features: Blockchain, smart-contracts (Solidity).

Challenges I ran into

Setting up Firebase with angular and managing the services! The challenging thing was time management, since the scope of application is very broad and I had to decide upon the MVP features that should be built in 24 hrs!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Used 2 technologies which I never touched before yesterday, thus lots of learning!
  • Simultaneous updates and Push Notification
  • Awesome 3-way data binding!

What I learned

  • Firebase
  • NgXs
  • Angular
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

What's next for Clap and Chip

Future looks promising! Lots of features to work on, few of them are:

  • Payment gateway integration
  • Hire artist feature development
  • Smart contract development using Ethereum blockchain!
  • Invest in artist feature development
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