The initial idea and why you want to build this

Individual resilience is key to building a strong community. It is built through belonging, openness, and mutual support. Yet we don't have tools that make it easy for us to help & support one another. This inspires us to try designing means that help humans be more human. And which empower real connection & caring in communities.

What the product does

Clans are a simple smartphone app that strengthens workplace community & individual well-being. How? It let’s people anonymously communicate their state of mind and encourages them to contribute to each other’s well-being with small acts of kindness.

Experience the live prototype for yourself here

Or watch the video walkthrough:

Clans for Work Walkthrough

How you built it and with what tech stack, tools, APIs

  • We built a fully functioning prototype
  • It uses Firebase, SMS authentication, ReactNative, iOS SDKs
  • We designed using Divergent Thinking, User Interviews, and prototyping in Figma

What were the biggest challenges while building it?

  • Talking to 16 employees — work life poses numerous challenges. Narrowing down to stick with one is challenging.
  • We are trying to create new ways for people to connect → There are no pre-existing patterns for this.
  • Time & Hackathon fatigue (we've participated in many hackathons in past few weeks)

How did you solve them?

  • We tried to explore the problem diligently & focus on more universal & lasting problems.
  • We have taken to experiment with quirky app mechanisms and we will build & test very experimentally to find new ways people could connect.
  • We went out to the forest today. That was helpful, but ate a lot of valuable time.

What are you proud of about this product

  • We're attempting to connect people 'heart-to-heart', not just by content they produce.
  • We talked & tested our assumptions with over 40 people & they love the potential
  • Through this project we connected with some prominent Finnish entrepreneurs and psychology experts AND we have their support.
  • It has a real potential to connect people in a new way


What are the next steps for the product after the HR Hackathon online?

  • We have 5 requests for sales decks and 1 request for Pilot proposal in Finland. We will deliver those next week!
  • We're hoping to pilot with few organizations.
  • We will continue building experimental UIs & mechanisms in our closed testing group (8 people)

What are the necessary resources to make it happen?

  • We have about €30k in funds, this will be used for development and marketing
  • We're looking to find early pilot customers to generate few thousands of early revenue
  • We will have three fully committed team members about three weeks from now

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