Clamor is for sharing awesome good times on your campus with the rest of the country- and building your college's reputation amongst peers.

The meritocratic voting system ensures that the anonymous posts from students at schools across the country get visibility and are on an equal playing ground. Users can't see the college a picture is from until after they vote on it (up or down) which makes for a thrilling environment. By being able to the national leaderboard of colleges on clamor- students are compelled to help bring their school to the top.

We will be hosting awesome events at the top 5 colleges on clamor by the end of the spring semester.

We built a very fast native camera and voting system into the application from scratch as well as a sophisticated backend that can generate trends on what is popular regionally by analyzing contents of pictures and relating it with the colleges that voted favorably (or negatively) on it.

We plan to provide users with data on where their content is popular and quantify their social reach (albeit anonymous).

The dropbox iOS api was incorporated into our app to provide users with a personalized album of all their posts on clamor however because of development bottlenecks, the functionality was not fully realized.

Our target market is the 21 million person undergraduate demographic, inspired by desiring raw insights into life on campuses across the country and wanting an environment to share real experiences.

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