In the past 2 years, the importance of mental health has never been so prominent on the global stage. With isolation leaving us with crippling effects, and social anxiety many have suffered in ways that could potentially be impacting them for the rest of their life. One of the difficulties that people with anxiety, depression, and some other mental health issues face, is imagination. Our main goal in this project was targeting this group (which includes our teammates) and helping them to take small steps towards bringing it back. clAIrity is a tool that offers users who are looking to express themselves with words and see a visual feedback representation of those exact words that they used to express themselves. clAIrity was inspired by the Health and Discovery portions of Hack the Valley, our team has all dealt with the effects of mental health, or lack thereof thought it would be a crazy, but awesome idea to build an app that would help promote the processing of our thoughts and emotions using words.

What it does

The user inputs a journal entry into the app, and the app then uses co:here's NLP summarization tool to pass a JSON string of the user's journal entry into the Wombo API. The dream API then returns an image generated by the user's journal entry prompt. Here the user can screenshot the generated image and keep a "visual diary". The user can then save their journal entry in the app. This enables them to have a copy of the journal entries they submit

## Challenges We ran into bundling an app that uses both java and Python was no short feat for us, using the Chaquopy plugin for Android Studio we integrated our python code to work in tandem with our java code.


We are proud of improving our development knowledge. As mentioned above this project is based on Java and Python and one of the big challenges was showcasing the received picture from API which was coded in python in the app. We overcame this challenge by lots of reading and trying different methods. The challenge was successfully solved by our group mates and we made a great group bond.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Android Studio from a BOOK! We learned what different features do in the app and how we can modify them to achieve our goal. On the back end side, we worked with the dream API in python and used plug-ins for sending information from our python to java side of back end

##What's next The next thing on the agenda for clAIrity is to add a voice to text feature so our users can talk and see the results

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