Currently, 1 in 5 professionals live with a mental illness. Clairity's mission is to leverage artifical intelligence technology with a mental health slackbot that caters to all. The pandemic and stay-at-home orders have exacerbated mental health barriers, and increased stigma, prejudice, and discrimination faced by all the employees in your company. 80% won’t seek treatment due to fear of being looked at differently or losing their jobs, livelihood, or the people they care with lack of understanding by family, friends, coworkers, or others. Health insurance policies that don’t adequately cover mental health conditions can lead to fewer opportunities for work, school, social activities, or trouble working remotely for those suffering. Lack of self-esteem and learned helplessness can lead to high burn out rates for employees. Accessible solutions are needed to recognize when a coworker is in distress and connect them with the right resources.

What it does

Bring CLAIRITY to your workplace. Clairity is an A.I. Powered Sentiment Analysis Slackbot. Data-driven personalized healthcare approach for employers to observe the mental health of all employees in their company and predict the burn out rate of employees using A.I. thus helping the company to take appropriate measures for supporting mental tealth in the post-pandemic workplace. Many companies added or expanded employee assistance programs (EAPs) and services to support mental health in the post-pandemic workplace for in-office and remote employees to improve profitability and reduce workplace burnout. Clairity makes companies stronger with day-to-day care.

  1. Part of Clairitiy's EAP (Employee Assistance Program) package with data-driven survey regarding employee's mental health and work life balance.
  2. Download slackbot as a workplace slack-integration. Results will match you to a mental health slackbot with the appropriate background and qualifications.
  3. Apply our sentiment analysis machine learning model. If employee's message seems very positive, Clairity Bot will respond positively. If it seems negative, then Clairity Bot will share an encouraging quote.
  4. Talk to Clairity Bot when you need support. The slackbot can sense and react to the sentiment of an employee's messages anytime, andwhere.

How we built it

Slack API workstation with Python/flask framework. Modzy's Python SDK: A.I. can exponentially increase the profits of organizations with its integration in SaaS products. Modzy was used to deploy, manage, and get value from AI at scale to help balance costs, efficiency, and latency needs with infrastructure autoscaling. Sentiment analysis A.I. model: Clairity's sentiment analysis machine learning rule-based captures conventional uses of grammatical and syntactical aspects of text for assessing sentiment intensity and predicts the mental health of an employee. Correlation to ground truth was 0.88, precision of 0.99, recall of 0.94, and F1 score of 0.96. For the other types of data, these metrics were lower, but higher than for generalizable, valence-based, human-curated tools.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to be inclusive with collecting medical information - accounting for people's security and being sensitive to privacy policies and access to medical records.

*Correction - In the video I said $3.7 Trillion - it should be $3.7 Billion.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We wanted to make mental health support accessible to everyone. Clairity's mobile/web solution is data-driven personalized healthcare leveraged to include underprivileged communities like BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities.

What we learned

Mental health in the workplace is important for both employers and employees. Research data from Lyra shows an 80% increase in members seeking care from March 2020 to early 2021 with 98% of those sessions being virtual. People are willing to spend money on their mental health - with a $3,700M expected market size by 2027.

What's next for Clairity

  • Optimize hyperparameters for the sentiment analysis model
  • Upload application to the Slack API store
  • Create a sales and marketing go-to-market plan

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