Today’s mobile dating apps are rooted in superficiality. We believe that what’s on the inside counts most, which is why we were inspired to create Claire – the world’s first non-superficial dating app.

What it does

Claire provides users with the opportunity to read a profile bio and swipe for “like” or “dislike.” If there’s a match, both parties will have the opportunity to chat. At this time, each party will receive a blurred photo of his/her counter-party. We used sentiment analysis to determine the depth and interest of the conversation. Increased sentiment will decrease the blurriness of the photo (and vice versa), and eventually after getting to know what the other individual is like on the inside, then the photo reveals what the person looks like on the outside.

How I built it

On the Google side, we used Firebase for our database and used GCP functionalities.

Additionally, we built the app in React Native and used sentiment analysis for additional meaningful functionality in producing a non-superficial dating app experience.

Challenges we ran into

  • Pivoting from Flutter to React Native
  • We dealt with our fair share of bugs. Luckily, we fixed them!

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Implementing a fully functioning, cross-platform app for social benefit

What we learned

We learned about sentiment analysis, product breakdown, React Native, and demo presenting methods and tactics!

What's next for Claire

We want to complete our Freemium/Premium business model, provide more languages to users, improve our sentiment analysis, and give users options to change age and location preferences.

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