Administrative journey is the second priority for asylum seeker (after housing). An asylum seeker see in average his/her status recognized after two and half years. Despite of the existing documentation and associative accompaniement this process remain long and has some psychological impact as well.

What it does

  • The chatbot ask relevant question to analyse the asylum seeker situation (adminsitratively speaking) and be able to redirect him/her to the right step/ interlocutor. For example a person that just arrived and didn't start the demarch. That person will be explained that he/she needs to have a domiciliation attestation. The chatbot will also send him/her a map of the nearest structure where this attestation can be delivered.

  • The chatbot proposes appointement booking with professional that offers their services as volunteer such as tranlators, lawyers, psychologists

How we built it

Chatbot, Node.js

Challenges we ran into

Developping scenarios/questions easy to understand

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a demo chatbot Having a commited team willing to understand content, coordination and technical challenges.

What we learned

Work together

What's next for Claire

Create all the content needed to cover all administrative cases and have it translated (arabic, dari, pashto, bengladeshi, spanish...) Create a database of volunteer (laywers, tanslators...)//Validate sms messaging interfacing with chatbot Present beta version to user for feedback Present V1 to associative and institutional actors

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