Our inspiration was based off of real life experiences. One of our team members, Dr. Aliyyah Alidina, is a chiropractor in Toronto and has seen the issues we presented first-hand at her practice.

What it does

Ideally, the patient is the user and would create an identity and log in using their uPort account. From there, they would be able to see their transaction history, check their verified transactions, and be able to earn tokens for their past transactions, and can use their tokens as rewards for local stores in Toronto such as Tim Horton's or Safeway.

How we built it

We built a prototype of what we would want our app to look like to display mostly what the front end would look like. We also took into consideration that we would need to incorporate smart contracts into the backend of the app, since we would build out this application on the Ethereum blockchain. Because of this, we would intend on building the app using Solidity as well.

Challenges we ran into

A challenging part of this idea was figuring out the best way that Blockchain technology could be applied in order to solve this issue. For this, we had to think about what third-party "players" in this process we could eliminate in this transaction process, in order to make the best use of smart contracts in our app. We decided that this player would be the banks involved in the process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the way this app came together, and that we were able to incorporate every team member's individual skills into this project. We're proud to have 2 out of 4 members of our team who work in the health care industry, and were able to make sure the problem we presented had a definitive solution.

What we learned

We all definitely learned much more about the way that smart contracts can be used to simplify the transaction process, and can get rid of untrustworthy third parties in order to make transactions truly peer-to-peer. We also learned, through much more research over these past couple of days, how the Health Care industry in particular is in need for more decentralized, peer to peer transactions, in order to eliminate the many risks that come with holding money (or data) centrally.

What's next for ClaimSure

There are many future possibilities for ClaimSure. But one that we would like to focus on in the next phase of ClaimSure is to be able to scale the solution using a decentralized Blockchain solution. We also realize that every patient is different and has differing needs when using the application, so we would like to be able to customize this experience for each individual patient in future versions of ClaimSure.

Built With

  • solidity-marvel
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