Working on Insurance domain for long time made us realize claim verification and settlement time is higher which results in lower customer satisfaction. One of the prime causes for the delay is during identity verification by various entities and stakeholders involved in the process and also the cost of getting this wrong. Thus, we felt that it would be so simplified if there would be a central authority who can certify anyone using verifiable credentials. This will establish trust in the ecosystem and thereby optimizing the turn-around-time, improving security and rightfully protecting privacy.

What it does

Identity Verification of the claimant is the key process during insurance claim management. It needs secure trusted source of information. And this is where challenge lies. The thoughtful resolution to this problem is available in Santander Digital Trust platform. With good platforms like Santander Digital Trust , it makes critical operations like credential validations much easier. It also helps eradicate potential risks in claim settlement process.

How we built it

Integrating multiple technologies like -

  • AWS – For hosting Web Applications with scaling feature
  • NodeJS – Backend Code is written is Node for seamless API experience
  • IBM Cloud Foundry – Used for hosting APIs
  • IBM DB2 – Backend Database
  • Google Firebase – For Push notifications
  • MuleSoft – Orchestration of APIs
  • Angular – Front End application for TPA
  • Ionic – Front End mobile application for Claimants

Challenges we ran into

Our challenge was primarily to keep the workflow simple and being able to demonstrate our idea for being reviewed and accepted by wider audience. At first, we struggled to visualize the potential impact that this Digital Trust Protocol can have on entire set of participants in Claims management ecosystem, but as we explored this further, we could sense that the possibilities are endless.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Starting small but delivering a “Big” Idea
  • The tag name for the business idea as “An EYE for D.E.T.A.I.L (Digitally enabled Trust and Identity Locker)”
  • Video editing went well and we were proud of the product that came out from Inhouse-Production team

What we learned

  • Simplicity but immense potential in a platform in form of Santander Digital Trust protocol
  • How we can evolve this protocol to deliver Zero-knowledge identity verification in future

What's next for An “EYE” for the D.E.T.A.I.L

  • Expansion with Santander Digital Trust to all the other entities involved in complete Claim settlement process (e.g. Banks , Insurance providers etc. )
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