Summary is a service targeted toward airlines in order to help streamline the baggage claim process and help prevent luggage from being stolen and taken accidentally. Mishandled baggage continues to be a liability for airlines and can go up to $3,500 USD per bag.


This project was not completed without some challenges. The first challenge we faced was an issue with creating a proper GUI for the kiosk, due to an issue with thread safety when updating window objects. As none of us had prior experience with GTK+, we were unable to implement the GUI.

Another issue we faced was the unavailability of text APIs to update the users. If we had unlimited time, it would be preferable to set up our own email server and handle this ourselves so as not to rely on a third party.

Future Goals and Improvements

We would like to add a notification system and the baggage handling checkpoints as well as the real-time status of the bags.


We gained more in-depth experience with server-side development including PHP Form Handling and SQL. We also learned how to interface with USB drivers in GNU/Linux, as this was necessary to authenticate users against our database.

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