Remember how easy it was to make friendships as a child? Because you share something as simple as the same favourite colour, networking was never easier. You used to be able to make friends without worrying about the influence of social or online media. In this day and age, it ‘s common to watch “social” media disconnect users from their social lives. We add people on Facebook, follow on twitter like their posts etc. however, this is either amplified so much to the extent that all of our networking is done online or subliminally leveraged to the extent that you waste some of your networking on Facebook but do not leave enough room to connect with people in reality.

What it does

The purpose of our app is to create a very simple game to induce social interaction among strangers. This game exists as a social catalyst for people to connect with each other and establish real connections. This is done by making this game purely multiplayer and leveraging the Bluetooth/NFC and wifi capabilities. This game is simple in the fact that it takes approximately 30 seconds for the average game to be finished. This allows just the correct amount of time for people to connect in person and hopefully establish a meaningful connection. In order to maximize this game to reach the success of other major VR games, we are including a team aspect within this game. There are 3 simple but engaging games we will be making, as well as a 3 family/trio system. This will allow people within 1 family to play together with games of their choice, and improve their family score. As well, players can play with people in other families in a random game which will allow the spontaneous environment for them to connect and establish real-time relationships.

How we built it

To make the game engaging in the niche market we are engaging, we have used the suggestions made by Tatsumi Kimishima, the CEO of Nintendo. Stating that an ideal game has to include: semi-complex challenges, opportunities for advancement in rank, a competitive aspect, and potential social connections. People are curious, and we love to exploit that. Using platforms such as Java and Android, we hope to expand this game into the palm of the “average Joe”’s hand.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the app from Java into Android so that it's accessible from any mobile.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re particularly proud of creating this whole concept from scratch. Also, being able to semi-develop this concept and making our dreams a reality.

What we learned

In terms of skills, we’ve all learned about the Android development process using Android Studio, as well as some of us learning Java and Ruby on Rails. In addition to that, all four of our members have officially finished their first hackathon not as a group, or a team... but as a family (insert cheese here).

What's next for Claim Game

We plan on porting the game to Android. Moreover, we’d like to add Internet connectivity to the game in order to achieve more a social aspect and to achieve future adaptability.

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