One of our team members was in the evacuation warning zone for the raging California fires in the Bay Area just a few weeks ago. Part of their family's preparation for this disaster included the tiresome, tedious, time-sensitive process of listing every item in their house for insurance claims in the event that it's burned down. This process took upwards of 15 hours between 3 people working on it and even then many items were missed an unaccounted for. Claim Cart is here to help!

What it does

Problems Solved

(1) Families often have many belongings they don’t account for. It’s time intensive and inconvenient to coordinate, maintain, and update extensive lists of household items. Listing mundane, forgotten items can potentially add thousands of dollars to their insurance.

(2) Insurance companies have private master lists of the most commonly used items and what the cheapest viable replacements are. Families are losing out on thousands of dollars because their claims don’t state the actual brand or price of their items. For example, if a family listed “toaster”, they would get $5 (the cheapest alternative), but if they listed “stainless steel - high end toaster: $35” they might get $30 instead.

Claim Cart has two main value propositions: time and money. It is significantly faster to take a picture of your items than manually entering every object in. It’s also more efficient for members to collaborate on making a family master list.

Challenges I ran into

Our team was split between 3 different time zones, so communication and coordination was a challenge!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For three of our members, PennApps was their first hackathon. It was a great experience building our first hack!

What's next for Claim Cart

In the future, we will make Claim Cart available to people on all platforms.

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