Personally, its hard to keep track of all the social movements that are happening and I don’t always know how to help. As we’ve recently seen, simply spreading awareness about a cause through social media is a big help.

What it does

CIVY makes supporting a cause super simple. Users can discover causes they're particularly passionate about, browse images that visually convey information about a cause, which users can then share to their Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories in one-click.

How we built it

Used HTML and CSS for the website. Used Figma to design the mockups. Swift to code the mobile app.

Challenges we ran into

The 12 hour time difference between the group members was a hurdle. We also didn't spend enough time in the planning stage which led to some confusion on our final deliverable. A few team members needed to drop from the hackathon which definitely impacted our timing and work load.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Fully functional website Full integration of Facebook SDK into mobile app -Mobile app nearing submission quality

What's next for CIVY

-Deployment of mobile app -Refinement of website -Addition of more features like reminders for users.

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