Hate crimes have been an unfortunate part of our history, with many minority groups simply putting up with these offenses or suffering in silence. Even with the amount of media attention these crimes have been receiving recently, perpetrators often get away and commit further acts of terror against vulnerable groups.

To take a stand against this issue, we created Civsafe.

What it does

Civsafe is an application that empowers citizens and leverages blockchain technology to support individuals and businesses affected by hate crimes, as well as to make the capture of perpetrators more efficient. The app allows users to report hate crimes and then store these reports on the infura blockchain using IPFS. This way, we ensure that a record of the incident is publicly available to promote awareness and transparency. The hash identifier of the document is saved so we always have an accurate record of the initial report.

The app also contains an interactive map that logs the location of the incident, and warns nearby users to remain vigilant. Sightings of a perpetrator can be reported by placing markers on the interactive map, which we hope will help point authorities in the right direction when tracking the perpetrator.

Users also have the option to provide long term support for victims or to the investigation. Businesses and individuals affected by hate crimes or violence can opt in to be listed on our platform.

Civsafe gives us all a platform to keep each other safe.

How we built it

Used Node.js, Swift, Blockchain (IPFS, infura)

Challenges we ran into

Our group was in three different time zones(EST, PST, IST), and some of us had limited exposure to blockchain/javascript

Accomplishments that we're proud of & What we learned

Over the past few days, we learned a lot about how the frontend and backend connects, and we were ultimately able to connect Xcode to node.js and use ipfs.

What's next for CivSafe

We are working on a more suitable option that applies to variety of circumstances, not just hate crimes. We were able to establish a connection between our app, server, and the blockchain. However, we're still having some issues transferring the data. Something to keep working at!

We also ran out of time before we could implement a crypto based donation system, which we will continue to work on!

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