What is the game?

CIVR will be an asynchronous strategy game set in a futuristic world where inter-planetary travel and cross-planet conflict are common. The game will be a grand strategy game where the player controls the galactic decisions of their galaxy. Players are required to guide their galaxy from a single planet to a full fledged Mother Galaxy.

The game will be a grand strategy Galaxy build, conquer and expand partially complete with working economy, diplomacy reflecting the universe, as well as other features in the same strain as Civilization.

Why create this game?

I am passionate with the world of data and also very curious with VR. I believe an immersive experience with data will help prepare the next generation for a world driven by data and allow them to visualize how space could be conquered from the vision of the one who influence decisions.

This game is a small piece in a grand design of a franchise where it will lead to real-world problem and data such as agriculture, real-space, market management, and so on.

Where does the game take place?

The game takes place in an universe similar to the anime Legend of Galactic Heroes. The politics, social fabric, ebb and tide, military, economics and other concepts will reflect a mixed period where each planets, each government practice a different way decision are made. The game starts at the beginning of a planetary representative where inter-planetary negotiation happens everyday. The conclusion of the game will see the formation and controlling of the Mother Galaxy.

What does the player control?

The player will be in control of a single planet chosen from the 3 planets with 3 distinct type of government and politic: democracy, socialism, and monarchy. The player must take this planet and forge a fully fledged Galaxy using diplomacy, trade, religion and military might. During the game the player may gain partial control over various other planet and full control over planets that have sworn fealty.

What’s different?

CIVR will be focusing on inter-planetary discipline and government. The speed of progress (in term of resource and building), the power of the military, or the intellectual advancement of the planet reflect the government type forced upon it. The decision made by player are either voted by artificial social public, force upon, or voted by delegation.

CIVR focus on gameplay and data visualization to prepare gamer for a data-driven world rather than reflecting history or graphical demonstration of wars.

Short Feature list

  • A civilization/AS game in VR.

  • All necessary information appears around the player in circular charts and screens surrounding the user. They also popup whenever they are called for.

  • Voice and head pointer controlled, with optional gamepad support.

  • 10-30 minutes session.

Choose Track:

  • Cardboard


  • Louis
  • Afred
  • Bill
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