We strongly believe that one of the best ways to connect, grow and help communities is by enforcing diversity.

What it does

Allows community members to rate communities

How we built it

Based on our knowledge and work with the community at Developer Circles and our company, we made a brainstorming to find a solution to problems we see that communities need to solve. After the brainstorming, we did a business analysis on the product to define what were the objectives of the solution, and finally we did a technical analysis to define which were the best technologies, taking into production deadline

Challenges we ran into

  • Find a global solution, not regional solution
  • Internet connection and the small deadline
  • Connect the Facebook API login without HTTPS server
  • Stay awake and be productive

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing a product that could real social impact on communities around the world

What we learned

We learn more about how Facebook technologies and products works and even more about communities

What's next for Civitas

  • Evolve MVP
  • Launch a Beta version for communities
  • Release an open source version
  • Connect properly with the Facebook login API

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