I work on a multidomain peacekeeping strategy that contains a model for any future civilizatory organization system and how it can be developed. I spend all my life researching and 10 years working on one coherent description of a way how to reconnect science and art more efficient. 18 months ago I became able to use keyboards and became able to work for the first time in my adult life. I now aim to recompile the results of years of research in complexity science into words. I prefer a term which describes for me more then a few words can usually state: Community of Diversity. I think it is the challenge of all current living beings that know the concepts of awareness and sustainability to fuse their efforts to reach out to those who have to voice and who are waiting for you since years. We must not to split in economic competition and more disparity. We have to unite efforts in intelligent and new ways without spiritual bias and malconception.

What it does

This in interactive, programmed and a good design: Prototype It attempts to formulate an open letter to the UN by August that proposes the layout for a globally deployable Zonefree Emergency Response Operations - ZERO - system. It is intended to actively prevent any violations of human rights and rights of nature. To bundle the complex discussion about Nature and where to start 'saving' it or altering our cultural behavior, I propose a radical acceleration of good intentions through a multidomain peacekeeping strategy. If you do not know what multidomain-warfare is, please inform yourself as you will realize that we are in such state since a couple of years. A ZERO as I propose it is based on a multivalent logic that circumvents the complex issues around economization of interests and prioritization as attempted by the Global Priorities Institute. I personally reject economy and I do not apply for the price money. If this Idea should succeed I would pass on all the money to anyone who supported this project, weighted by who has the biggest financial problems in their daily life.

How I built it

I worked very hard over the course of 20 years to maintain hope and spend 12 years studying cognitive science, applied systems science and theoretical as well as experimental biophysics in order to find a means how we can deploy measures and strategies that are simple, fast and efficient but can always reconnect to a common system/grammar. (so they stay transparent and understandable across geographic and educational distances) That is what people often call 'scalability'. I think its insane that this property is not a requirement for any action that is carried out in an intention to impact global or local systems (foundation of a company, release of digital information,...). We have a globalized world that requires high-frequency scalability of strategy and systems if we don't want a lethal currency and lethal information systems - such as every system we currently use.

sentences useful for mathematical backgrounds only

I reduced the minimum logic required for this to a fractal logic with a dimensionality between 3 and 4, never being exactly 3 or exactly 4. This is within the size of items in cognitive working memory of humans but outperforms any bivalent logic or classical modal logic in time-complexity as it approximates polynomial logic whenever the upper boundary 4 is close to be reached. It can be optimized through utilization of computational models from classical contemporary fluid dynamics simulation models which can be called as mere hyperheuristics for this type of logic)

Backgrounds and sources

Some background info can be found at and sources are linked at Interlink however I wrote all on that domain alone in 2019 and never published it because I am not good with socialization nor human natural language. I still got exclsively positive feedback from people who stumbled on it, only comment was use of formal language. But I realized I am not the best to lead and formulate this project, which is why I build an entire theoretical background for it which is the best thing I can do. Hence I need help from individuals that can tell apart my statements and ideas from those without years of complexity research and expansions of fundamental logic in it that take into account neurotransmitter release differences in decision making.

Challenges I ran into

Contemporary _physics, math, logic, complexity science, theoretical linguistics and computer science, academic system, computation architectures, programming languages, chronic disease, physical disability, identity 'disorder', social science as well social system _ aside the few that I will contact from now on, starting here :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Irregular recursive dynamic logic and the four neuromorphic languages I'm developing whenever I have time, which is not much since Corona. I work on rapid-prototyping an entire lifes work so it can be assembled and developed while we're all at the motivation level I've been in my entire life. Essentially I want to pass on all 300+ projects which I develop to people with better skillsets, such as the one indiviudal in this Hackathon I requested to team up with ;)

What I learned from 16 years of severe chronic pain and complex autoimmune disease is

To never give up.

What's next for Civilization.Earth

Is an (this) official attempt to start discussion about its Foundation but that requires a lot of backend work. Hence the Project which is applying for this hackathon is the assembly of a taskforce that can accelerate and spawn this complex thing. I synchronize the background Masterplan to current activities of WHO, UN and hackathons. This is my first official application to a hackathon ever. Thank you for your time and I wish everyone the best of luck with their ideas! I know it's more likely that my concepts and work will perish but I won't give up as long I am alive :) So if nothing else, please take that with you from the time you spend on these words! Yours, Dominic

Stay Life!

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