Civil empowers voices everywhere. It’s democracy at its finest.

With Civil, you can directly voice your opinion to your city, state, or any community officials completely anonymously, and vote on others’ ideas. It’s the safest, easiest way to communicate with your officials and hold them accountable for your fellow citizens’ thoughts and opinions.

Think the speed limit on Biscot Street should honestly be increased to 40 MPH? Anonymously post a quick sentence about it on Civil, and if enough people agree with you by voting it up, your city official will take notice and respond directly.

You don’t always have to contribute new suggestions. By simply voting up or down on others’ ideas, you’re making your voice heard. Individual voices add up, and Civil makes sure officials dedicate their attention to the ones that matter to most people.

Besides cities and governments, Civil could be used in classrooms, schools, companies – basically anywhere feedback is critical.

No matter what race or gender you are, what language you speak, or how old you are, Civil’s inherent anonymity ensures that everyone is equally represented as one valuable community member.

Welcome to Civil – the world of Anonymous Democracy.

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