We strive for:

  • Effectivare polis verksamhet
  • Ökad tillgänglighet till polisen
  • Integrerad utredningsstöd

What it does

Link to presentation: Link to movie: Our platform enables communication between police authorities and civilians through a mobile phone interface. The platform warns civilians in case of danger and also empower them to collaborate actively with police researches, bringing police closer to population to increase safety awareness and proactivity.

How I built it

We use cloud AWS to integrate data from Police database DynamoDB. We present the data on an hybrid mobile application to reach end-users. We have built an admin interface to manage all infomation sent and received to the mobile app. We have also reseached feasibility and motivation for this project, for instance at Polismyndighetens budgetunderlag 2018-2020.

Challenges I ran into

The whole system is up and running. We tried to develop a live demo inside the building, but GPS indoor did not allowed us to make progress on that direction.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finished end-to-end solution up and running and working after only 2 days of development.

What I learned

We have learnt about the needs and challenges associated with police departments. We have learnt from each other, learning has been different for every one of us. We were already used to work in teams.

What's next for Civil Courage

Refinement of our business model and engagement of key partners such as Polismyndigheten. Vinnova application within cathegory "Smarta och hållbara städer".

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