People throw out garbage on streets and in open spaces which not only caused bad odour, but also spread diseases as well as invite strays in addition to deteriorating local aesthetics. Local municipal workers come up with open carts, without any safety and they dont have much knowledge to segregate garbage on basis of its waste type.

What it does

Providing a digital platform to citizens in form of a mobile app, where they can get knowledge how to segregate garbage on basis of its waste type, then put it in its designated colored shopping bag and then they can intimate about the garbage at their household on the app. This intimation will be received by smart truck authorities (government authorities). Then smart truck, alongwith its staff (in proper safety suit) will collect it and put it in its designated compartment. Citizen also can lodge complaint on this app regarding any inconvenience. This app will help them to be more educated and civilized personnel's. Citizens will get points on active and efficient use of the app and these points can be catered out at shopping & food outlets. These outlets will cater them on basis of their Corporate Social Responsibility sector. A mobile game will be added in app where children as well as others can segregate different kinds of garbage on base of its nature and put them in specified colored bins within stipulated time and their score can be added to their points.

How we built it

We just created a prototype for submission and we have planned to start work on real project.

Challenges we ran into

Garbage collectors and people are somehow reluctant to use the tech. Also some people said they dont have a good internet connection all the time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were always thinking to help local community to reduce their environment foot print. This app will be a bench mark if implemented fully in connection with government department.

What we learned

Community can build better solutions for community without waiting for government to take some step. Government can later on involved & they happily participate.

What's next for CivEd

Water management, especially in urban cities, is a big issue. Same goes with less tree cover. People also not comply with traffic rules due to unawareness. Such issues can be added later to the app with increased features so that more issues can be resolved in a smart way.

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