One day me and my friends went out for movie and wanted to have dinner, afterwards, but we were so confused about which restaurant to go to as there were so many options. I and Krish decided to a create an application that helps people try out new restaurants they might like near them.

What it does

The application, CityX, is a helpful guide for users craving for a good meal. The application incorporates a link towards an online quiz that takes account of the user's likes and d

How we build it

We used android studio and made use of java to create buttons and navigational bars with a link for the quiz. it used energy and it required research on the places available in Delhi India.

Challenges we ran into

implementing the naviagtion bar, as it required the use of tools that were not usded before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing the quiz and the navigational bar, without any chance for bugs in the application

What we learned

We learned how to build an application from scratch.

What's next for CityX

We are planning on using a google maps API in order to provide the location of the restaurants in real time to our users as they select their favorite ones.

Built With

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