Around 3 years working with Augmented Reality has helped us understand a lot about people’s opinion when using AR. Most users don’t want to keep their devices in front of their faces (as needed when using AR) for a long time. They just want AR to see overlaid information about what’s on a specific place or get their orientation on a map. 2D Maps are highly preferred when they want to get a route and instructions to go to a destination. With all this in mind, we decided to create a totally new experience where we merged the best of both technologies: maps and augmented reality.

What it does

Allows every user to see the nearby places and friends both on a map and through augmented reality. Places can be saved to consult them later. Routes to every place are shown in both AR and on a map. By holding your device vertically you can access augmented reality, in which spots are shown floating in the air; when holding the device horizontally you may see the spots on the map. Markers translate from the map to the augmented reality, and vice versa.

Special Features

  1. Happy users using the traditional map with a comfortable position while navigating.
  2. When users want to know more about a nearby place or friend they just need to change device’s position to see markers through augmented reality and get overlaid information.
  3. Users are able to use augmented reality to get their orientation on the map and makes navigating experience much easier.

How we built it

We used the power of trnql to create an Augmented Reality experience of places and people nearby. Through the method smartPlacesChange(List) the information of nearby places was obtained in order to be shown on both AR and 2D map. On the other hand, smartPeopleChange(List people) was used to show the nearby people. For the map-AR transition we used this conditions: userActivity.isStill(); userActivity.isTilting();

Challenges we ran into

Both SDK's we used involve geolocation, so some methods were overwritten and that created conflicts on the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Of being able to merge two great technologies that will shape the future of mobile apps: context awareness and AR.

What's next for Cityward

We would like to add the following in the future:

  • Upload images
  • Check In in Places
  • Context aware ads displayed on augmented reality as well to monetize the app

For more information visit our webpage

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