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GOAL: Show analysis with groups around video content to make better decisions in cities OMNICHANNEL CONCEPT in UNITY + Case Studio published to WebXR & GIT

PROOF OF CONCEPT: You land in the city of Los Angeles to address questions around displacement and homelessness. Three scenes take you through stakeholder issues to be addressed before homeless agency expenditures & budgets can be finalized for next year.

On landing in scene the viewer sees map pins that open to play videos on gaze. Videos are 30 seconds - 2 minutes in length and address context in voiceover with research on the local situation.

3 videos set up the story - LAHSA context story #1 - stakeholder/stats Lisa’s Story #2 - personal needs Refresh #3 - Hygiene Stations & Measure H

STACK: Unity Multiplayer + Watson SDK > Tone Analyzer + Speech to Text WebXR ArcGIS & CityEngine 360 Video produced on the Ricoh Theta S and the Essential 360 camera phone Basic Voting/decision Interactions GitHub + Tweet + # for name

HARDWARE TESTS: Hololens HTC Vive Acer Headset Microsoft Surface (best use for creative suite/video editing) HP Backpack and Headset Cameras: Ricoh Theta, Essential 360 Cameraphone

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