Hamilton has a large university and college student population. This means that there are many people who are new to the city. We realized that many people do not know where some things are. Our inspiration was the game PokemonGo. We liked that the game used your environment to tell you where things were around you. We thought this would be a interactive way to help new comers to the city find the things that locals would know; small things that were not necessarily on google maps. The list of random articles that we thought to add were things such as where you could find public wifi hotspots, AED machines, naloxone kits, places of worship, bike lanes and which roads are plowed first.

What it does

Like PokemonGo, our app shows you the streets and the buildings around you. Rather than having pokemons, our app would show you some necessities in addition to events happening in the city. The app would be able to have a spot light search to find where specific ressources are and give you a distance of how far it is from you. There would be a TabbedView that would allow the user to get more information on some of the resources such as shelters & places of worship. One this page, the app would also show you more information on events happening in the city such as plays, festivals, and events like this.

How we built it

Our group was pretty rusty on how to build apps so we used many resources to help us. We used our App development book that was used as a text book in school and stackOverFlow. We definitely followed a design process in that we made many brainstorms and had to find which ideas would work the best.

Challenges we ran into

We did not know how to uses some of the view controllers so we were not able to add the maps (which we were going to use the google maps or here API to do). We decided to make the other Tabbed view that contained the list of resources and the links to more information on them. We had much difficulty making the segue connect to each link's webpage, and at that point decided to just make the app as simple as possible for the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We expanded our previous knowledge in swift and learned to work better as a team.

What we learned

We learned to identify what we have and to make it more accessible to users; we have city websites but many young people would not know what to look up, since they do not know whats available in the city. We dug deep into the city's website and in doing so, we, ourselves learned some resources that we did not know were available to us. (Ha Ha we also learned that not all chairs are comfortable to sleep on).

What's next for citySpotter

We plan to continue to work on this project after this event to finish the idea, then perhaps we could add more resources and expand to more cities. We would like it to be able to show the user ways to get there like google maps with methods such as by foot, cars, and busses; showing you taxi numbers and busses near by.

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